6 Best Guitar Amps Under $150: Budget Amplifiers

It can be difficult to find the best guitar amp under $150 because there is so much choice on the market. To make it easier to find the best starter amp, this guide will help you out.

When shopping for a guitar amp, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. And when you’re on a budget, it’s difficult to find a good amplifier because it should produce a clear sound that passes through one or multiple speakers to fill up an auditorium. 

To help you pick the best guitar amp under $150, we researched the top models available in the market for electric and bass guitars.

Our Top Pick

Orange Crush 20

Orange Crush 20

The Orange twin channel 20 w guitar amplifiers are crush pro series classic Orange guitar amps.  As good as any guitar combo amp in its price range. In my opinion, it’s one of the best guitars amps available for under $150.

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The Guitar Amps That We Recommend

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1. Orange Crush 20

The Orange Crush 20 is a solid-state 20W guitar practice amp, featuring an all-analog signal path, foot-switchable clean and dirty channels, three-band EQ, aux in for playing along to music, and a headphone output featuring cab speaker simulation. 

It’s the perfect solution for players that want the classic Orange sound in a small and simple, bedroom-friendly package.

The Orange Crush 20 gives you gut-punching tones with highly-responsive overdrive and levels of detailed saturation that will absolutely blow your mind.

On top of that, you get Orange’s innovative CabSim circuit that faithfully emulates the muscle of an Orange 4 x 12″ cabinet through the Crush 20’s headphone/line output. 

The dirty channel on the Crush 20 is fantastic. There are four preamp stages and you can actually hear the difference they make as you dial up the gain. 

It’s capable of smooth overdrive, classic-sounding crunch, chunky distortion, and even some pretty gnarly high gain tones. 

This amp is suitable for literally any genre of music, from country to heavy metal. It’s a really nice sounding distortion too – for the money, it’s as close to tube-like as you’ll probably get.

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2. Fender Rumble 25 v3 Bass Combo Amplifier

The Fender Rumble 25 v3 amp is a good basic beginner practice amp ideal for bedroom use.

It is a bit of a step down from the rumble 40 as it doesn’t offer quite so many onboard controls, there is no gain and you are limited to your standard 3-band EQ as opposed to the 4.

That said it provides pretty great sound and provides a contour filter as well as an overdrive. The overdrive is a non-adjustable Delta-Comp limiter, which holds pretty well and subtly keeps the volume low enough so as not to feed.

If you want the perk of sculpting it then it might be worth the price-hike for the Rumble 40 model which gives you drive and level dials as well as a bright and vintage switch in addition to the contour.

It is equipped with a high-quality 8-inch speaker with a stiff paper cone that doesn’t dampen, which is what gives this amp its name-sake rumbling nature. 

The stiffness with the contour up also gives it a nice attack, ideal for slapping.

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3. Marshall MG15GR Amplifier Speaker

The MG15GR is loaded with a pure Marshall tone. You get your choice of Clean and Overdrive channels that you can shape with a 3-band EQ. 

You also get an integrated digital spring reverb effect. Best of all, each channel’s settings are storable and recallable.

The Marshall MG15GR amp delivers a range of classic and modern tones, with all the essential features that players need, and so much more. 

The amp is fitted with an emulated headphone output to make silent practice easier than ever. 

No matter what stage you’re playing on, the MG15GR will look as great as it sounds, thanks to its iconic gold piping and gold metal finish.

This little dynamo pushes 15 watts through an 8-inch speaker and features four channels (Clean, Crunch, OD1, and OD2) along with five very good effects: Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, and Delay. 

The reverb can be applied independently of the other effects, and your settings are programmable.

This is an outstanding little amp that packs more features than you’d expect. 

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4. Donner DBA-2 Bass Guitar Amplifier

Packed with professional features, the DBA-2 combo is designed to be user-friendly and reliable for players of all levels. 

The combo offers Volume, Bass, Middle, and Treble controls on its top-mounted amplifier panel, allowing for easy adjustments. 

The volume controls how loud your amplifier is. The Treble/ Middle /Bass controls help you shape the high and low frequencies of your bass guitar tone.

The Donner DBA-2 amp is also one of the best guitar amps under $150 that might just give you enough power to also use it in a rehearsal studio or for recording sessions. It’s a 25W amp encased in a highly durable metal casing.

Although built like a travel amp, the DBA-2 is best suited for your home. Thanks to its auxiliary input jack, you can use your mp3 player or smartphone to jam along to your favorite tunes. 

You can also use the headphone output and practice into late hours of the night, constantly honing your skills.

The 3-band EQ is always good to have as it provides enough tone-shaping options to experiment with bass lines across multiple genres. 

The 6.5” speaker delivers a balanced bass tone and directs the sound at a slightly inclined angle which will give you better feedback.

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5. LyxPro 60 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier

The LyxPro 60 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier is an excellent device for those who are looking to play live music. 

The amplifier has a powerful 10″ speaker which can give you the power that’s needed when playing live, as well as all the sound quality you want in your bass and trebles. 

The LyxPro Amp is great for live gigs and will add to your sound. It has an adjustable mic volume so you can plugin and play. 

This amp comes in a variety of colors, such as red, black, blue, natural, punk sunburst. 

With a ¼ “headphone jack so players can plug in and play privately at home. This is one of the best guitar amps under $150 and it is great whether practicing or playing on stage. 

The craftsmanship could be better, but the tone seems quite good and you can get a great tone for many styles of play. So this amp has some give and take to it. 

A solid sound that is great for a live performance and can be adjusted to your personal taste. 

At 26 pounds, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around.

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6. Hartke HD15 Bass Combo Amplifier

Hartke proves that great tone doesn’t need to cost a ton with the Hartke HD15 bass combo amp. 

Pushing 15 watts of power through a single 6.5″ speaker, the HD15 is perfect for bedroom practice sessions or quieter rehearsals. 

When you’re traveling with your amp, durability is a must, and the HD15 will easily withstand being carried from gig to gig. 

The Hartke HD15 bass combo amp is a great choice when you don’t need a ton of power, but you also don’t want to sacrifice tone.

The HD15 is Hartke’s entry-level model and it offers onboard bass, mid, and treble controls with hardy dials in an uncluttered layout. Alongside the 3-band EQ, you have your volume adjustment.

It serves up a good range of tones, despite its back-to-basic options, this is mostly because of the quality of Hartle’s proprietary speaker designs.

Although the HD15 model has a smaller dimension (6.5-inches) than their higher-output versions, the cone composition makes it one dynamic little amplifier.

The HyDrive speaker cones are constructed with a paper pulp and aluminum blend which gives it rigidity and flexibility for a versatile set of tones from smooth and warm to the punchier bright-end, peaky attacks.

This renders it a suitable practice amp for playing a variety of genres and perfecting a range of techniques. It again has an aux-in and out for playing from your devices and headphone listening.

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Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar Amp Under $150

Your dream guitar needs the perfect amp partner to deliver outstanding performance. Here are the features to consider while buying your dream guitar amplifier:

Type and Configuration

There are four types of guitar amplifiers to choose from including modeling, tube, solid-state, and hybrid. 

Solid State Amplifiers

Most amplifiers that are mid-priced or inexpensive are called solid-state amplifiers. These use semiconductors, transistors, and solid-state circuits. 

Tube Amplifier

A tube amplifier uses vacuum tubes that amplify the signal from the guitar. Tube amplifiers are the oldest type of amplifier as they were the first amplifiers produced. 

They are known for their warm and vintage sound and are sought after by many guitar players for their authentic and pleasing tones.

Hybrid Amplifier

There is also what is called a hybrid amplifier. This is a combination of a solid-state and a tube amplifier.

Amp Modeling

An amp modeler is an amplifier that replicates the sound of other amplifiers. This can give the musician the ability to create a vintage and popular guitar tones without the need to spend thousands of dollars on the equipment that was used to create those sounds.


A combo amplifier is short for combination. This is a unit that is self-contained and has the amplifier as well as the speaker in one cabinet. Almost all smaller amplifiers are combo units. 

Power and speakers

More powerful the amplifier, the more expensive it will be. The products we featured are between 15W to 50W and have speakers between 8 to 12 inches, which are commonly found in solid-state or modeling combo models. They are suitable either for studio or small and medium venue use. 


While they are of secondary importance, extra input/output options add to the overall functionality of amplifiers. 

An aux input allows you to play along with your favorite tracks, while headphone output lets you practice quietly via headphones. 

Speaker output lets you use the amp with other guitar speaker cabinets, while DI output lets you connect straight to a PA or recording console.

Built-in effects

Amp units come with a number of built-in effects with the most famous being tremolo. It works best with a surf guitar. 

You will find the most built-in effects in modeling amp units. Other features include reverb, which defines the sound produced by an acoustic guitar, and distortion, which alters the sound of an electric guitar.


These were the best guitar amps under 150. These amps all have solid features and will allow you to practice or play smaller gigs without a lot of difficulties. Think about the features you need before you buy and make a list of three to four amps you like then make a decision.

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