Best Wireless Microphone System For Church 2023; Reviews

Here in this article “Best Wireless Microphone System For Church” we’ve rounded up 11 best mic sets for church choir, vocals, live streaming etc. of various types, specifications, and budget. Below, you’ll find in-depth reviews of each, as well as an elaborate buying guide to pick out your favorite.

Finding the best wireless microphone system for church, be it handheld or lavalier or a headset, can be a daunting task. Especially for pastors or clergymen who are not musicians or sound technicians. 

Knowing which one will sound the best in houses of worship, work without embarrassing CB chatter, pops and hiss, and all the other problems that come with wireless systems can be a bit overwhelming.

If you’re serious about church audio, then you would want to steer away from the super cheap microphones. Investing money on microphones for place of worship is important since there is a huge difference between entry-level microphones and good quality professional microphones.

In this article, we’ve broken down the 11 best wireless microphone systems for church, weighed the pros and cons, and separated them into categories to help you make the best choice for your own church, congregation, stage & pulpit.


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Why use a wireless mic instead of a wired mic?

If you’re working in a church then there’s a good chance you’re going to want to have the ability to move while you’re talking or singing. Having a wireless system gives you this advantage and freedom while you work. Wireless systems have gotten better over the years and they continue to improve with technology.

Wireless Microphone System For Church Reviews

Best For Church Vocals

Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8

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The PGXD24/SM58 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Mic is designed to meet the needs of someone looking for a microphone for a place of worship such as a Church.

The set pairs an industry-standard handheld dynamic vocal microphone with an exceptional transmitter and receiver.

Automatic setup, a multi-function LED indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery), and up to 9 hours of continuous use on 2 AA batteries are all features of the PGXD2 transmitter. It offers a wider 200′ (60m) operating range for you and your microphone without sacrificing audio quality.

PGX-D Digital systems operate in the 900 MHz band, far away from potential TV and cell phone interference. 

The receiver offers true digital diversity, using two antennas and two independent receiver circuits to ensure reliable transmission at a maximum line-of-sight range.

Best Wireless Microphone System For Church Vocals

Operation is simple. Press the Scan button, and the receiver scans for a clean frequency. Press the Sync button, and the receiver and transmitter lock to the same channel via infrared ports. That’s it, you’re up and running. 

If the RF environment changes and interference is heard, simply rescan and resync to operate on a new clean frequency.

The PGXD4 receiver offers 24-bit/48kHz resolution for incredibly accurate sound, auto frequency selection, and greater reliability thanks to its true digital diversity.

The Shure SM58 mic is world-renowned for its distinctive upper-midrange presence peak that ensures an intelligible, lively sound. 

The microphone perfectly fits in a performer’s hand and balances itself for total comfort during long prayers. Frequency response is a smooth, vocal-tailored 50Hz-15kHz, and the price is a bargain considering its life expectancy.

With this amazing wireless microphone system for church you get an SM58 microphone, a PGXD4 wireless receiver, PGXD2 handheld transmitter, padded case, and a microphone clip.



Most Versatile Option

Phenyx Pro PTU-5000B

With a quick and simple setup, high quality microphone capsule, anti-interference technology circuit board, the Phenyx Pro microphones provide customers with an effective solution for both indoor and outdoor events.

The microphones feature a sturdy metal construction which can be rack mounted into a professional rig.

The microphones borrow from high-end new industry standard dynamic unidirectional designs. There are four of them and they each have a color-coded ring at the grille joins, which not only serves as a good visual indicator but strengthens them a little more too.

They operate within the 530-580 MHz range and can be used within a radius of 80 meters max.

It has a very informative LCD display which helps make it simple to use and keep track of the quadruple channels. There are nice optional extras within the Phenyx Pro range which add to the already versatile unit.

This is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and multiset wireless microphone system for church.

Sturdy plastic built bodypack for high sensitivity lapel mic and headset mic. All suitable for heavy use. 

High quality dynamic cartridges are specially engineered to limit feedback and interference, picking up sound smoothly and transmitting sound hassle-free. The microphones deliver clear, robust, optimal true sound.

The microphones have up to 260ft long range reliable performance in a wide open space line of sight.

The rack mountable metal cordless receiver features four XLR outputs and one 1/4’’ audio output jack. 

It can auto pair up with transmitters for plug-and-go easy setup. Handheld/bodypack/Headset/Lapel mic combo provides more flexibility for various occasions such as interview, presentation, church, party, wedding, speech and small gigs.

Moreover, Phenyx Pro audio products come with 12-month manufacturer assurance and great supportive customer service.



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Best Microphone For Singing 

TONOR Wireless Microphone

TONOR TW820 handheld wireless system combines professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for excellent audio performance right out of the box.

The cardioid polar pattern is effective against off-axis noise causing feedback and unwanted ambient noise.

The dual antenna design represents diversity technology which provides optimum resistance against RF interference and drop-out.

The working distance of TW820 is about 200Ft/60m in the wide-open area.It gives you stable signal transferring and great freedom of movement.

The group, channel number, RF, and AF levels are all clearly shown on a multifunction LCD display, allowing for seamless operation. It’s perfect for usage as a church wireless microphone system.

Best Microphone For Singing In Church

With built-in high-quality chip and advanced digital decoding technology that is used to achieve excellent sound reproduction, making sound quality more clear, pure and full. It supports 15 sets of this device to be used simultaneously and the wireless range is even up to 60m in open space.



Best Discreet Option

Shure BLX14R/MX53

The Shure Microflex MX153 is a professional subminiature earset microphone ideal for speech and other applications requiring low-profile discreet placement where improved gain before feedback over lavalier microphones is desired.

This wireless package is designed for presenters who want the microphone to “disappear” on stage. 

The Shure MX153 is a beige-colored earset with a slender shaft and a tiny mic element. It is ideal for musical theater, plays, teleconferencing, church audio and business presentations. 

The BLX14R/MX53 system is additionally equipped with the BLX bodypack transmitter and the BLX4R rack mount wireless receiver.

The BLX series bodypack transmitter works with lavalier and headset microphones, and also works for guitar with the appropriate cable connector. 

The beltpack features an On/Off hard toggle switch, preferring to eliminate the multi-function push button that is used on some wireless transmitters.

The BLX4R receiver includes all of the hardware you need to install this system into a road rack. It is a true diversity two-antenna system with channel scan and XLR and 1/4″ outputs.

Rack-mountable and featuring rugged metal construction, the BLX4R offers simple setup and intuitive controls. 

It is ideal to be used as a wireless microphone system for church if you are looking for a discreet mic.

One-touch QuickScan frequency selection quickly locates the best open frequency in case of interference. Removable antennas allow for quick antenna distribution.

The LCD display shows group and channel settings, and allows you to meter audio level and signal strength. An LED indicator even lets you keep an eye on the transmitter’s remaining battery life.



Best With 4 Microphones

Geardon Pro Wireless 

The Geardon Dual Wireless Karaoke Microphones System designed to deliver elegant vocal clarity while requiring less vocal effort.

It comes with fixed frequency, this helps minimize the chances of getting interference from other electronic equipment.

The Geardon Wireless System provides a perfect working distance up to 250 feet line-of-sight with stellar sound quality.

The mics are ideal for conferences, broadcasting, weddings, Karaoke, social events and any small to medium-sized venues including schools, churches and stage performances.

The wireless mics are built-in Pll Synthesized Technology for an even clearer signal. 

There are LCD screens on both microphones & receivers. The 4-channel wireless mic set has fixed frequency design in 551- 589.8Mhz range.

The frequency range provides ultra signal stability, eliminating unwanted distortion. The microphones are made of metal, not plastics.

Wide Compatibility Four XLR outputs & one 1/4 (6.35mm) mix output to connect this versatile system to most amplifiers/mixers/powered speakers on market.



Best For Church Production

Sennheiser AVX 

Designed for amazing video productions, AVX eliminates the chore of installing and configuring a wireless microphone system onto a camcorder. It has mostly automated control, functionality, and adjustment, for those who need “hassle-free” operation.

The AVX System is available in multiple bodypack lavalier and handheld transmitter kits. The Combo Set, which has all the above, includes the EKP plug-on receiver, SKM handheld microphone transmitter, SK bodypack transmitter, ME-2 lavalier microphone, and accessories.

It’s a perfect wireless microphone system for church productions.

This is a one-to-one system, so one transmitter to one receiver pairing only, and it all operates on the license-free 1.9 GHz band. For the North American variant, up to eight (8) AVX frequency pairs can operate in the same area simultaneously.

The lav provides a discreet hands-free mic option, while the handheld reporter mic features enhanced wind reduction and a wide, forgiving pickup pattern that delivers intelligible speech, even when the mic is moving between speakers. The system is ideal for wedding and corporate videos, documentaries, church events, or outdoor interviews.

The roadworthy bodypack transmitter features a rugged metal chassis with a form factor even smaller than the EW G4. 

Best Wireless Microphone System For Church Production

A locking connector ensures that your lav doesn’t detach at a critical moment, while a convenient switch allows you to mute your mic. The display shows battery life and signal strength.

The receiver can rotate within the hot-shoe mounting clip for flexible camera-top positioning. Alternatively, a belt clip can slot into the hot-shoe on the receiver to wear it on your hip, or clip it to a bag. 

The AVX system has a wide dynamic range of over 120 dB(A), a solid signal-to-noise ratio of over 90 dB, and it captures 24-bit audio at 48kHz. That’s quite good, and the results reflect this with very usable audio quality.

The handheld mic sounds fantastic, delivering polished, natural speech reproduction and an extended high end. 

The super cardioid capsule has good off-axis rejection, so it’s comfortable in relatively noisy environments provided you keep it close to the sound source. 

The red/green status indicator light doubles as the On/Off switch, and its position makes accidental power cycles a near impossibility.



Best Budget Pick

Pyle Channel Microphone System 

The Pyle Pro PDWM2135 is a two-person, handheld wireless microphone system suitable for use in a wide variety of speech and vocal applications including classroom instruction, conference room presentations, on-stage performances, and more. 

Each mic is powered by two AA batteries and transmits on a separate, fixed VHF frequency (set at the factory in the 174 to 216 MHz range) to the two-channel, tabletop receiver. 

The system offers a maximum transmission range of 165′ in ideal conditions. The two handheld mics make it easy for students or panel attendees to pass one mic around for Q/A sessions while the second mic stays with the presenter up front.

The receiver’s front panel features LEDs to indicate RF signal along with independent volume control knobs for each mic channel. 

A single 1/4″ output on the back allows you to plug into a PA system, speaker, mixer, or similar piece of audio equipment, and a 1/4″ to 1/4″ connection cable is included. 

The receiver uses dual independent channel antennas and is designed to deliver high signal-to-noise ratio, high dynamic range, and low distortion.

The Pyle PDWM2135 delivers clear, noise-free wireless transmission and excellent sound reproduction. Simple setup and installation allow you to transmit clear sound instantly. System features include (2) handheld microphones, VHF narrow band system, dual frequency design, high signal to noise ratio performance and more. 

Enjoy dual channel voice distribution across the handheld microphones. Whether used for work or play, for on-stage vocal performances or conference room speeches, this wireless microphone system will provide you with a quality audio experience. 



Best Wireless Handheld Microphone

Shure GLXD24/SM58-Z2

The Shure GLXD24/SM58 digital wireless handheld microphone system features a compact and lightweight GLXD4 tabletop receiver with fixed antennas, ideal for portable use in educational facilities, conference rooms, churches, and small to mid-sized venues.

The GLXD24/SM58 is configured with a handheld transmitter equipped with the legendary SM58 cardioid dynamic capsule, an industry standard for vocalists and announcers. The mic delivers natural vocal reproduction for vocalists, presenters, clergy, and performers.

The mic digitally operates at 2.4GHz with a true diversity receiver (two antennas on the receive box to eliminate ‘dead’ transmission spots) and a seamless frequency-hopping system (to automatically jump frequency if Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or microwave ovens try to join in with the singer).

Best Wireless Handheld Microphone For Church

This is undoubtedly one of the best wireless microphone system for church with a handheld transmitter.

The range is claimed to be 60m (200ft), and you can use a maximum of eight systems together, though five is safer in terms of frequency availability.

The transmitter uses a rechargeable battery offering 16 hours of battery life and the display on the receiver tells you exactly what’s left. 

The system transmits audio with a flat, 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response and 120 dB of dynamic range, leaving the sound of your mic unaffected by the wireless components.

The integrated SM58 dynamic capsule features a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes background noise and feedback. 

Its brightened midrange and bass roll-off deliver that sought-after warm and clear vocal reproduction. The built-in spherical wind and pop filter reduces plosives for clean and intelligible speech.



Best For Church Live Streaming

Sennheiser EW 112P G4

The G4 package comes with a transmitter pack and receiver, both manufactured from extremely sturdy plastic. The receiver comes with a belt loop and an adapter for the cold shoe on a camcorder. 

You get two screw-in output cables, one with a 3.5 mm male TRS output cable for DSLR cameras and the other with an XLR connector.

The transmitter has a screw-in connector for the microphone and a mute button on top. The on/off switch is in the easily accessed battery compartment. 

Both units are powered by two AA batteries which Sennheiser provides. According to the product’s specifications, the batteries should run up to 8 hours with a range of 100 meters. This particular set runs in Frequency Range: A, which is 516-558 MHz.

The system includes the improved ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier mic, a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver. It connects to a camcorder or a DSLR/mirrorless camera to capture crisp-sounding speech or dialog for projects ranging from documentaries to wedding videos, live streaming of church events, and hands-free interviews.

The EW 112P G4 features rugged, all-metal chassis well suited for extended use on location. 

Best Wireless Microphone For Church Live Streaming

The lightweight, compact bodypack transmitter is easy to conceal and offers rounded edges that are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. 

A locking connector ensures that your lav doesn’t detach at a critical moment, while a convenient switch allows you to mute your mic.

The EW 112P G4 ships with the popular ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier microphone, which delivers a natural sound optimized for speech intelligibility. 

Its omnidirectional polar pattern ensures that the sound remains consistent, even when the speaker’s head moves away from the mic.



Best Wireless Headset Microphone

Shure BLX14/SM31

Although the Shure BLX14/SM31 is designed for fitness and aerobics instructors, it is perfectly suitable to be used in a church or a place of worship as a cost-effective wireless headset microphone system with quality sound, simple setup, intuitive operation, and dependable performance right out of the box. 

It includes the compact and lightweight BLX4 single-channel tabletop receiver with internal antennas, ideal for portable use.

The BLX14/SM31 also includes an SM31FH cardioid fitness headset mic with windscreen and a bodypack transmitter. The headset is specifically designed to stay comfortable and securely in place, even during the longest speeches and prayers. 

Moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric helps protect the microphone capsule from sweat and humidity, if you live in the states where summers are too hot.

Best Wireless Headset Microphone For Church

The receiver features one-touch QuickScan frequency selection to quickly search 123 available frequencies and locate a clean RF channel in case of interference. 

The system provides up to 14 hours of continuous use with two AA batteries, at a range up to 300′. Up to 12 mic channels can operate simultaneously in each frequency band.

The BLX series bodypack transmitter works with lavalier and headset microphones. With the WA302 1/4″ to TA4F cable, it also works for electric guitar or bass. 

The beltpack features an On/Off hard toggle switch, preferring to eliminate the multi-function push button that is used on some wireless transmitters. 

It additionally features continuously adjustable gain, a single bi-color LED for battery status, and a rugged ABS polymer body. 

It operates on two AA batteries for up to 14 hours of battery life. Its sleek, side taper design makes it a comfortable fit on your belt.



Best Wireless Budget Microphone System 

Fifine K036

This one of the best budget microphone systems for Church comes with two wireless microphones and a transmitter. The two mics have a robust casing.

Additionally, they have an LCD screen, which indicates the power level of the battery. Note that the microphone uses two AA batteries.

Also, the transmitter is of a robust metal construction, and can withstand use and abuse for years.. 

The compact full-metal constructed receiver is pre-paired with 2 handheld mics, saving time on wireless sync. 

Setup is so simple that even a rookie would have no issue. Just take the system out of the box, insert batteries, connect with a music device (phone or computer) and deliver mixed audio to the PA speaker.

With all the knobs you will find on the transmitter, be sure that the unit will produce high-quality sound for your church events.

With the separate buttons for controlling the volume, the receiver exhibits excellent quality on the output. 

The function of the music in port allows one to connect the 3.5mm cable to a laptop or a music gadget, as long as they have a similar port.

Other than that, the microphone is a UHF gadget. You will not get any sound drops if you are in the 80ft range, which the manufacturer states.

Also, an additional mic input allows 3-microphone setup at the same time for family karaoke.



Wireless Microphone System For Church – Buying Guide

best wireless microphone system for church

There are a few key things you need to think about when choosing a wireless microphone system for your church, so before rushing out and purchasing microphones, think about the following.

Types Of Microphones Best For Church And Houses Of Worship

Lavalier/lapel microphone – a lavalier microphone clips on to your shirt or clothes and is best for hands free operation. Ideally used for speaking only as they tend to feed back when there is a live band playing.

Headset microphones – headset microphones sit over the ear, with the receiver close to your mouth. As they are closer to the sound source they are ideal for spoken word and singing – especially with a live band.

Hand held microphone – a handheld wireless microphone is a great all-rounder, however not as convenient as the hands free option.

How Does A Wireless Microphone System for Church Works?

A functional wireless microphone system actually consists of three discrete components: A microphone, a transmitter, and a receiver.

A microphone is simply the component the user speaks or sings into. It converts the sound waves into electrical impulses which can then be amplified so listeners can hear it. In a wireless mic, the electrical signal passes to a transmitter which converts the signal into radio waves.

With a handheld microphone, the transmitter is usually built into the body (also known as the capsule) of the mic. In the case of a hands-free microphone like a lavalier or headset, the transmitter is usually a pack the user wears on their belt.

The transmitter broadcasts to a receiver, which changes the radio waves back into an electrical signal which can then be passed to a sound system (speakers).

How Many Microphones You Want To Use?

This is an important question that you must ask yourself before purchasing a new wireless microphone set for your church.

We recommend planning for future requirements too. There are microphone sets available with 2 mics and then there are sets that come with 4 mics and a couple of lavalier microphones to go along with it.

Number Of Channels

The number of channels on your wireless system directly correlates with how many microphones you want to use. If you have 5 microphones that you want to use, you will want to have at least 5 channels to take advantage of the 5 microphones.


The range is very important when considering the best wireless microphone system for the church because this will determine how far away you can go from the receiver.

This completely depends on what you are using the microphone for. If you are doing a sermon and want the freedom to walk around then you will want to have an idea of how far you will be going away from your system.

If you will be going in between the crowd or behind obstacles, make sure that your wireless system is capable of going double the actual distance that you will be going away from your system.

Battery Life

It’s important to view your purchasing of a wireless mic as an investment. Professionalism is critical, and when your mic’s battery dies on stage while singing or giving a speech, it is highly unprofessional.

Not to mention, a cheaper mic tends to have a higher rate of cutouts and frequency interference, which is highly unprofessional as well.

Typically in a professional setting whether its a concert, an event, a house of worship, speeches, etc. there are many other things on our mind for setting up for these types of events than remembering to recharge or change your mic’s batteries.


Our top pick for the best wireless microphone system for church is the Shure PGXD24/SM58-X8. The PGXD2 transmitter features automatic setup, a multi-function LED Indicator, and provides you with 8 hours of continuous use on 2 AA batteries. 

It gives you and your microphone a generous 200′ (60m) operating range without losing audio quality.

Our next pick for the best wireless microphone system for church is the Phenyx Pro PTU-5000B. It comes with 4-Channel UHF wireless receiver, 2 antennas, 2 UHF wireless handheld microphones, 2 bodypacks, 1 headset mics, 2 lapel mics, 8 AA batteries for long hour operation (up to 17 hours), power adapter and a 1/4’’ audio cable.

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