How To Connect Blue Yeti Mic To An iPhone In 30 Seconds

The Blue Yeti is a standard-bearer for plug-and-play microphones. The Blue Yeti microphone is my favorite for recording and podcasting, thanks to its ease of use and relative affordability. Whether I am recording by myself or in a roundtable discussion, the Blue Yeti is always up to the task.

But, can you connect a Blue Yeti microphone to an iPhone?

Blue Yeti, Yeti Nano, Yeti Pro, and Yeti X can be connected to an iPhone using Apple’s Lightning to USB or USB-C to USB Camera Adapters. For long recordings use a Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter as it has a Lightning port to provide power to the microphone and simultaneously charge the iPhone.

If you’re a mobile content creator seeking better audio quality and want to know how you can connect your Blue Yeti microphone to your iPhone, then read on!.

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Here are the Camera Adapters that you’ll need to connect your USB mic to your iPhone.

How To Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To PS4

2. Set Blue Yeti microphone as the input device of PS4.

Once the Blue Yeti microphone is plugged into the PS4, go to the “Settings” of your PS4. (Please see the image below)

Click on “Settings” and go to “Devices”

Once you click on “Devices”, it will take you to another menu. Select “Audio Devices” from that menu. (Please see the image below)

How To Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To PS4

Then go to “Input Device”. (Refer to the image below)

Once you click on “Input Device” you will notice that it has the “USB Headset (Yeti Stereo Microphone)” already listed there. Go ahead and select the microphone as your input device.

How To Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To PS4

3. Set headphone as your output device.

Come back to the “Audio Devices” menu and this time select the “Output Device” menu option, which is right below “Input Devices”.

How To Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To PS4

Here you will notice that the “Output Device” would be set to “TV or AV Amplifier” as default. 

You could technically leave it like that while using Blue Yeti with your PS4, but if you plan to use Blue Yeti for game streaming, game capture, or just talking with your teammates, you are going to experience a weird echo effect. 

This will happen because the sound coming from your TV will find its way into your Blue Yeti microphone. I am taking a wild guess and assuming you probably don’t want that to happen.

The best way to remedy this is to connect a headphone into the headphone jack of your PS4 Controller.

Once you have connected the headphone to the PS4 controller, go back to the “Output Device” menu option, and you will notice another option “Headphone Connected To Controller” has appeared. Select that option.

How To Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To PS4

This will allow you to hear all the sounds coming from the game as well as the other players talking into their own mics.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your Blue Yeti microphone to your PS4.

Pro Tip: For a better audio experience, go to the “Adjust Microphone Level” menu option right below the “Output Device”, and depending on how loud you want your voice to come out when you are talking into your Blue Yeti, adjust the microphone level. 

For best sound quality keep the microphone level somewhere in the middle.

Also, If you are a Blue Yeti microphone user, you can also adjust the gain on the back of the mic. This works the same way as adjusting the microphone level. Also, set the polar pattern to cardioid.

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