How To Connect Blue Yeti Mic To Xbox One In 1 Minute

The Blue Yeti is arguably the most famous USB microphone there is, and it’s a favorite for streamers to vloggers and podcasters to voice-over artists. Its versatility is down to the fact that it’s essentially a number of different microphones bundled into one, thanks to its multiple selectable pickup patterns. 

But, can you connect a Blue Yeti microphone to Xbox One?

To use the Blue Yeti with Xbox One, plug the microphone into a USB port of the Xbox. Connect a headset adapter to the controller and connect a Y splitter cable to the adapter.  Plug one end of a 3.5mm male to male cable into the mic and plug the other end into the mic slot of the Y splitter cable.

how to connect blue yeti mic to xbox one

You can also connect a headset to the headphone connection end of the mic splitter cable.

To learn the step-by-step process of connecting and using your Blue Yeti mic to your Xbox One, read on!

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How Do I Connect Blue Yeti Microphone To Xbox One

You can use this method to connect any of the following Blue USB microphones to your Xbox One.

It doesn’t get much better for Xbox gamers and streamers than the Blue Yeti microphone. 

It makes your voice sound fantastic, and it has some handy controls on the body for gain, pattern selection, and volume. You can also reduce some of the background noise by tweaking sound settings in your recording program, making it a decent option for gamers and streamers

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You will need the following to connect your Blue Yeti mic to your Xbox.

  1. Headset Adapter
  2. 3.5mm Y Splitter Cable (With 3 rings)
  3. 3.5mm Male to Male AUX Cable (With 3 rings)
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Plug the Blue Yeti mic into the Xbox

Plug the mini-USB connector of the USB cable into the base of the Blue Yeti. Plug the cable’s USB-A connector into one of the USB ports of your Xbox.

how to connect blue yeti mic to xbox one

Connect Headset Adapter to the Controller.

Connect the Headset Adapter to the base of your Xbox One Controller.

how to connect blue yeti mic to xbox one

Connect Y Splitter Cable to the Adapter.

Insert the single end of the Y splitter cable into the adapter attached to your controller. Make sure that you purchase a 3.5mm Y splitter cable with 3 rings and not with 2 rings.

connect blue yeti microphone to an xbox using a headset adapter

Connect Blue Yeti to the Adapter

Insert one end of a Male to Male AUX audio cable into the headphone jack at the base of your Blue Yeti. Connect the other end of the AUX cable to the “Microphone” slot of the Y splitter cable. (The slot has a microphone picture on it.)

Make sure that you purchase a 3.5mm Male to Male AUX cable, with 3 rings and not with 2 rings.

Connect a Headset to the Adapter

Now take your headset and connect it to the “headset” slot of the Y splitter cable. (This slot has a headset picture on it.)v

how to connect blue yeti mic to xbox one

Voila! You have successfully connected your Blue Yeti microphone to your Xbox One.

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Is Blue Yeti Good For Gaming On Xbox

If you want to save yourself from a headache but you don’t want to break the bank in doing so, get the Blue Yeti microphone and be done with it. 

t’s a popular pick for most gamers and streamers simply because it does the job you need with perfection. No hassle, just good quality.

The Blue Yeti offers tremendous value for the money. It’s a decent step up in quality over its cheaper Snowball sibling and has quite a few more features.

Blue Yeti’s features make it perfect for gaming on Xbox 

Blue Yeti is a condenser microphone with three proprietary capsules in it. The Yeti features four selectable pick-up patterns—cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. 

The microphone also features an external headphone volume knob, a gain knob, and a mute button. 

With zero-latency monitoring, you can check your audio levels and quality on the fly through the built-in headphone jack.

Blue Yeti is built for gaming

In terms of build quality, the Blue Yeti is built like a tank. It features all-metal construction, with a guard around the capsule at the top. 

Every Yeti comes with a stand, but you can always remove the microphone and add it to a boom arm or alternative mic stand if you desire. 

This microphone connects to your computer via USB, so there is no need for a Digital Audio Converter (DAC). The Blue Yeti is available in several different colors, including silver, black, white, and blue.

The Other Blue Mic That Works Best With Xbox

The Blue Yeti X is Blue’s state-of-the-art flagship USB microphone, built specifically with streaming, gaming, and podcasting in mind. 

This is a sturdy, handsome mic. Immediately more at home among pro audio equipment than rival mics from gaming-first companies like Razer

The satisfyingly weighty base has a chrome finish that’s also around the band below the mic’s diaphragm and the Blue inset logos on the front and rear. 

At the front, the smart dial controls everything from gain and headphone volume to blend and mute.

The Blue Yeti X also has a different shape than the standard Yeti. It has a sharper and taller mesh section hiding four condenser capsules, as opposed to just three in the previous model.

The front of this microphone has the most advanced sound monitor of any Yeti microphone to date, featuring an 11-segment LED sound meter. 

Blue recently released a World of Warcraft Edition Yeti X. It offers the same features as the Yeti X, except it’s rocking a nice black with gold trim design along with some fantasy glyphs all over the mic. 

More importantly, it lets you choose to voice to various Warcraft races like gnomes, imps, and of course, Orcs.

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