How To Fix High Pitch Noise From Microphone

The first thing is to understand why this high pitched noise starts in the first place. Technically, it is called “feedback”, where the sound from the speaker goes back into the microphone, gets amplified, and then comes out the speaker only to go around and around and ultimately it squeals.

This sound generally starts off low and then it gets louder and louder.

When you first turn a sound system on you will hear an ever slight boo-boom noise from the speakers and in addition to this while the speakers are live if you listen carefully you can hear a very very low hiss coming from them.

Now if you position your microphone at the wrong angle what happens is that this electrical hiss that you can barely hear goes into the microphone and gets amplified by the microphone and sent back through the speakers – this time a little louder, and yet again the mic picks this noise up again and amplifies it again and sends it through the speaker again.

The speed at which this happens is at the speed of electricity i.e. very very quickly it can build up from being just a slight hiss to a horrible screech. The actual sound is called feedback because it is the microphone and speakers feeding back into each other.

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You can solve this by following one or more of the following methods.

  1. Try and position the microphone so it isn’t inline with the speakers, ideally you should have the speakers in front pointing at the audience with the mic behind them although this isn’t always possible.
  2. Move the speakers away from the microphone so the mic is less likely to pick them up.
  3. You can also buy some microphones that have anti-feedback systems on them, also there are some amps out there with anti-feedback on them too.
  4. Try adding a slight delay into the microphone – most anti-feedback systems add a millisecond or two delay into the sound.

Hope this helped!

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